Measurement Vectors

Measurement vectors are combinations or transformations of level 1 data that reduce the senstivity of the retrieval to unknown atmospheric parameters or calibration errors. For retrievals to function properly these transforms must be applied to the error estimates of the level 1 data and atmospheric weighting functions when available. These operations can be performed using Transformers.

Measurement Vector Element

A measurement vector element is a series of transforms applied to level 1 data product. Transforms are attached to the element which are then called each time the measurement vector is computed.

from ali.retrieval.measvec import MeasurementVector, MeasurementVectorElement
from ali.retrieval.measvec.transformer import AltitudeNormalization, LogRadiance

mv_element = MeasurementVectorElement()
mv_element.add_transform(AltitudeNormalization(norm_alts=(35000, 40000))))

Measurement Vector

The measurement vector composes multiple measurement vector element into a single vector for the retrieval.