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skcomponents is used to transform radiance into a level 1 product. The general processing chain is:


Processing chain of a hypothetical instrument. Optical and processing components can be easily stacked if multiple elements are required. sensors are currently part of the skretrieval package.

This mimics the processes that would take place in the physical instrument and is broken into four components:

  1. Front End Radiance: The radiance at the front aperture of the instrument. This is typically produced by a radiative transfer engine such as sasktran, but could come from MODTRAN, stored values, etc.

  2. Optics: Components tranform the radiance before reaching the sensor. These are typically filters, polarizers, etc.

  3. Sensor: The sensor integrates radiance over wavelength and solid angle based on the sensors spectral and spatial point spread functions. The returned quantity is in photons at each pixel. A variety of sensors are available in the skretrieval package.

  4. Processors: After the signal has been integrated by the sensor the processors transform the signal into the Level 1 data product that the instrument would produce. These are typically electronic and physical processes such as dark current, poisson counting error, thermal noise, etc. However they can also include calibration and numerical processing steps such as dark current removal, or inverting an interferogram.

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